Distill – a local bar opens 5 New Distill’s on Friday, April 26, 2019

Distill – a local bar, expanded from 5 locations to 10 today by opening 5 brand new Distills across the Las Vegas Valley. We have been having a successful day, and swing shift is just taking over the bar. Let’s take a look at how today went!

Distill Rainbow Grand Opening Party Friday, May 10, 2019

Distill Flamingo Grand Opening Party Friday, May 17, 2019

Removing the chains and locks at 8:00am, Nina Martinez, General Manager Distill Decatur.

Distill opened 5 brand new locations, see addresses below:

Distill American Pacific 1231 American Pacific Henderson, NV 89074 (702) 307-0155

Distill Decatur 5750 S Decatur Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 222-9375

Distill Flamingo 4140 S Durango Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 248-3700

Distill Rainbow 6945 S Rainbow Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 307-8362

Distill Cheyenne 7790 W Cheyenne Ave Las Vegas, NV 89129 (702) 655-4700

Out very first guests were Mike and Fran at Distill Cheyenne, followed closely behind by our new friends at Distill Decatur! We hope our new guests have found new local bars to enjoy breakfast, a game, or a Friday night!

Our teams are having too much fun today, finally opening our doors! We have been hard at work the past two weeks preparing for today!

Thank you to our amazing team for pitching in and helping clean, organize, train, and be there for your new partners in crime! We have 5 new teams joining us, and we couldn’t be more proud of them and us for getting to this point. This next chapter is going to be very exciting, and this is just the start! Team Distill – here we go!

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